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Irene Kontje, MBA


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I help professionals in the field of medicine manage and grow their online businesses so that they can focus once again on the unique gifts that brought them to medicine in the first place.

Are you a healthcare professional with a business in the mid-six- to seven-figure range who is spending too much time and energy managing day-to-day back-office responsibilities and stressing over systems and teams management? Have you lost focus on what brought you to medicine in the first place?

Let me help return time, energy, and peace of mind so that you can once again focus more on your unique vision in the field of medicine.

As an Online Business Manager, I specialize in:
Systems &
People Management
As an OBM working in partnership with you and your business, my responsibilities may also include strategy, planning, executing communications plans for current and prospective patient/clients, launching new products or services, reputation management, or setting up a CRM (customer relationship management) system or content management system.  

I work with retainer clients and take on one-off or ongoing project work. 

For more information, visit our Services page. Please send us a message.
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